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Our therapeutic research lines currently concentrate in two classes of medicaments: 


Immunomodulators ( P-MAPA) and chemotherapeuticals ( Violacein).




P-MAPA : A biological response modifier, produced by fermentation from A.oryzae under development by Farmabrasilis. 


 Antiviral effects in vivo :


 Herpes virus ( HSV and VZV), Human papiloma virus (HPV), Punta toro virus (PTV), Parvovirus and Canine distemper virus.


 Antimicrobial effects in vivo :


Listeria monocytogenes, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Plasmodium sp. and Leishmania sp.


 Antitumoral effects in vivo :


Carcinoma de Walker 256, Lewis lung carcinoma (3LL), Renal carcinoma (RENCA), Mammary carcinoma, Plasmacitoma, Lymphosarcoma-180, Ehrlich ascitic tumor (EAT), non-muscle invasive urinary blader cancer.


 Antimetastatic properties in vivo : 


Renal carcinoma (RENCA)


Toxicity and safety in vitro and in vivo :


In contrast with most if not all other immunomodulators, it has an ample safety margin for clinical use, since no significant side effects have been observed in any of the experimental models tested.


Current stage of development :


Preclinical development: completed


Clinical trials: in progress


Regulatory : FDA  application underway




P-MAPA - PRODUCT MONOGRAPH (FULL TEXT - HTML FILES - click here to open or save)


New Developments


Micro and nano molecules: in progress


P-MAPA : Micro and nano molecules (slides) 


P-MAPA : Micro and nano molecules- Bibliographic references (pdf files)





Violacein and derivatives : Molecules with cytotoxic, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, under development by Farmabrasilis as  chemotherapeutical for cancer.



Current stage of development :


Pre-clinical development: in progress


Development of new formulations (nano and micro molecules): in progress


Study of toxicity and efficacy in cell cultures: in progress


Studies in animal models: in progress.


Violacein- Bibliographic references :






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